Ability for automation

Think intelligently,
make working never tiring.


Why focus on automation

Face the new challenges of the working world intelligently

Thanks to automation, it is possible to create winning solutions by eliminating hours wasted in tedious and mundane processes, freeing employees from repetitive and standardized activities.

Automation solves concrete business problems, supporting customers in the transformation towards Intelligent Enterprise and adaptation of a scalable and efficient Digital Workforce. 

With HumableRobotic Process Automation shows its “intelligent” face. Traditional automation, integrated with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, allows robots to develop new knowledge, such as automatic learning and natural language processing. 


Humable allows companies to make the most of their potential and be increasingly competitive on the market.

Hours saved


Reallocated people


Optimized processes



Let's plan the future together

Towards change with Humable on your side.

For us, “working” means generating value. Therefore, the Humable team leads companies down the path of digital transformation. 

The transformation of your company is rather entrusted to people first, more than to software: Humable follows and supports companies throughout the whole process, from digital skills training to software and systems innovation for carrying out intelligent operations.

The use of Agile methodologies and continuous liaising with customers facilitate the optimisation of processes and the creation of assertive and valuable solutions.

Proof of Value and the
effectiveness of technology

One of Humable’s main value propositions is based on rapid prototyping to demonstrate the effectiveness and feasibility of the technology before handling a more extensive transformation.

The Proof of Value allows you to understand how the required technology works and whether it meets customer expectations through a beta solution, as well as provides useful guidelines for large-scale implementation. 

Quick and winning

Humble’s approach is a success for the implementation of quick win solutions that allow process automation to be brought into operation quickly. 

The potential of technology is highlighted through simple tasks, thus guaranteeing a quick ROI with rapid implementation times from two to four months 


We transform the challenges into solutions

We are Modern in approach, Fearless in facing change and Quick in learning and providing the solutions that businesses need.

Humable, is an international company with shareholders based in main European countries, such as Italy and the UK, and with operational offices in Tirana, in Albania. 

Humable born as a response to an increasingly high market demand from companies that aim to automate repetitive activities. We stand out for the ability to make every company more efficient, more effective, transforming complex challenges into successful solutions.

We offer customized solutions for companies across different industries, that are able to increase performance, reduce management costs and implementation times.

Together we continue to pave the way for the future.


Get better business results thanks to the most intelligent applications

Customer Service

Enhance customer and employee experience with intelligent technology

Human Resource

Concentrate on your work and leave the tedious practices to the machine.

Sales & Marketing

Get more performing results thanks to intelligent technologies.


Humable offers smart solutions!

Find out how an RPA bot can free employees from manual activities



Intelligent responses to your customers

Improve customer service with Artificial Intelligence
elaborazione del linguaggio naturale


A virtual eye that transforms images into data

Always get the most out of your data