Automated customer care: what it is and how it works

customer care automatizzato

How satisfied are your customers? Have they experienced difficulties in using a purchased product? Was the sales process simple or were there any critical issues? To answer such questions, you need automated customer care, which helps with post-sales feedback.

A mistake, common to many companies, is to abandon the customer after completing the sale. Rather, it is important to continue following the buyer for at least two reasons. Firstly, you can collect reviews and comments, which provide you with useful insights into the strengths and weaknesses of your product. Secondly, it will help make your presence known with the customer, who will feel pampered and is therefore more likely to become brand loyal.

At Humable, we believe that every business process can be improved by automating customer care, so making post-sales processes smoother and ensuring that it is simpler to create a tailor-made service for each customer. The digital transformation has imposed radical changes, including one of the services we offer of electronic invoicing automation for customers. Partners who have used this have seen errors significantly decrease, waiting times reduce and customer satisfaction increase.

Automated customer care: a centralized service to manage the entire sales process

Customer care automatizzato

Humable offers a tool capable of centralizing customer management before, during and after the sale. There are several options available when it comes to reaching out to the customer after the sale through a follow-up process.

An example is a satisfaction questionnaire to be sent to the customer after making the purchase. Subsequently, after some time, another such questionnaire can be sent to verify the effectiveness of the product purchased and the level of customer satisfaction.

The questionnaire can be completed directly on a platform, so the customer is not forced into tedious and lengthy registration processes. The company can collect customer feedback in real time, evaluating any corrective actions to be taken to respond to consumer requests and complaints.

Automating the feedback collection process helps companies map customer satisfaction, saving valuable time and targeting efforts to solve a problem effectively and optimize the functionality of the marketed item.

Customer care and artificial intelligence: a lasting union

According to recent surveys, 80% of companies wish to rely on emerging technologies to overcome a crisis and 85% have set their main objective as improving customer care and the customer experience. This goal can only take place with the use of artificial intelligence and related technologies.

The digitalization of services, which has undergone a powerful acceleration, has certainly distorted the company-customer relationship. Consumers are far more demanding: they want everything immediately and expect the companies they interface with to be able to provide the required services. Companies, in turn, have to cope with an increasing number of varied and differentiated demands and requests, which require different degrees of specialization.

Artificial intelligence, which automates customer care, acts as a bridge between company and customer through finding a meeting point for both. By automating services, companies provide swift and relevant answers, while customers can quickly solve their problems.

Customer care automation: chat and chatbot 

In the analysis of customer care automation, chats and chatbots have assumed a priority role in managing customer relationships.

Based on research commissioned by Nielsen and Facebook IQ, the following data emerged in 14 different markets:

  • 65% of respondents expect that communication with brands via messaging systems will increase over the next two years;
  • 53% of respondents are more inclined to make a purchase on a website or an e-commerce site that provides a direct messaging service;
  • over 50% of respondents believe that chat has now supplanted traditional methods of communication with brands.

Chatbots have been added to chats, where these are self-service solutions that allow consumers to find answers to their questions swiftly and with minimum interaction. Approximately 40% of users prefer self-service solutions, as they are always up and running 24 hours a day, cut waiting times and allow problems to be resolved quickly.

It goes without saying that it is of fundamental importance to provide an automated customer care service, including chatbots and chats, in line with customer expectations. To understand how customer care automation can positively impact the fate of a brand, it is enough to know that the abandonment rate increases in the following cases:

  • generic and evasive answers;
  • long waiting times;
  • discontinuous customer support service.

Do you want to turn your business around and automate customer care processes in your company?

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