Billing Software: leave repetitive jobs to a robot

Software di fatturazione con l'rpa

Automated billing software can solve many problems in a company, including manual errors, excessive lost time, and cost reduction for repetitive tasks. 

More than any other department, the accounting department is the one that most deals with data, documents and payments. In the age of digital transformation, all these tasks can be entrusted to a robot, essentially an artificial brain that performs operations, puts data in order, stores important elements and sends notifications when deadlines are expected. 

But, how does a business implement all this? 

In this article, we will see how a billing program equipped with robotic process automation works

You will find that there are tailor-made solutions for you that will save you money by automating repetitive processes and reducing your work time by up to 1500%. 

Billing software for professionals and SMEs

Software di fatturazione con la robotic process automation

Robotic process automation uses software that can automate time-consuming and routine tasks. 

With RPA, activities previously carried out by your staff can be entrusted to a robot which has a zero error percentage.

Your human resources will only have to enter data and check that everything is moving in the right direction. Your new robotic workforce will ensure that processes run more quickly. In fact, the process does not require breaks and simply works 24 hours a day. 

If you are a freelancer or an SME, you can rid yourself of activities that distract from your core business by implementing RPA solutions. 

Humable creates customized bots according to your needs. We are automation specialists and are able to offer you features that no open source billing software can give you. 

Automated billing software with robotic process automation does not require any programming knowledge. Through a simple interface, it is possible to track and report upon every invoice at any time and place. 

RPA robots are able to mimic many human actions: 

  • Accessing applications; 
  • Moving files and folders; 
  • Copying and pasting data;
  • Filling out forms;
  • Extracting structured and semi-structured data from documents; 
  • And so much more.

In addition, with the use of machine learning algorithms, Humable allows you to collect the data entered in each phase of the accounting process and, thanks to robotic process automation, human resources can concentrate exclusively on verifying and managing particular cases.

Not sure about all the benefits yet? Read on to find out why you can’t do without it. 

Automated invoice program: what are the real benefits?

In accounting management, activities are highly structured and employees must enter a series of data into particular systems, being very careful not to make mistakes. 

Even electronic invoicing, despite the benefits to companies and freelancers, poses problems. By relying on free electronic invoice software, sending an invoice to the wrong customer may still take place, or there can still be errors in terms of the invoice amount or VAT rate. 

In some cases, it is necessary to issue a supplementary invoice, also called a debit note. When there is a decrease in VAT, for instance, it is necessary to proceed with the correction of the invoice, an operation called a credit note. 

Leveraging RPA into billing processes ensures that your accounting department will decrease manual data entry, reduce time spent searching for invoices, and avoid staff having to match individual purchase orders, so saving the company time and money.

Here are the main benefits of using RPA in a billing program

  • Quick to implement; 
  • Eliminates errors; 
  • Reduction of manual activities; 
  • Increased productivity;
  • Greater traceability of the activities carried out;
  • Adaptability in terms of solving issues without technological skills.  

Tools and solutions to automate your processes: the Avabot case 

Process automation has become essential for companies that wish to grow increasingly innovative and smart.  

One solution from Humable is Avabot (Accounting Virtual Assistant) which connects and automates the movement of data from various applications, both accounting and banking, for effective consolidation of management reports. It also loads transaction data from various subsystems and in different formats, automates workflows, and ultimately generates greater process efficiency.

See how Avabot works

The artificial intelligence ability of the RPA bot is able to manage the entire data entry process autonomously. Moreover, at the end of the process, the bot reports the activities carried out via email.

Humable by your side to improve your accounting performance 

How many invoices do you pay each month? How many people are employed in these activities? 

The automation of the billing process uses software that emulates the activities of a human resource and interacts with existing applications, allowing staff to be relieved of all repetitive and routine tasks of administrative processes, such as the acquisition and data entry, checks, etc. 

Humable helps your company to automate the accounting and control processes. From the registration of the invoice to its issuance, from bank reconciliations to the accounting of payrolls and expense reports, from the verification of analytical accounting to the reconciliation of the budget with the final balance, we do it all.

Find out how we can help you improve your business and pave the way for a journey of transformation.

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