Business process automation: how to exploit it

Perché investire nell’automazione dei processi di business?

The automation of business processes is the beating heart of the digital transformation that is currently underway. The changes we are witnessing, both swift and sudden, have required a profound renewal not only of business processes, but of the very mindset of professionals. Entrepreneurs, employees and operators in every sector must therefore change their approach and, above all, their mentality.

Within this context, in a recent article we explained what change management is, that is, a structural change within a company heading towards a period of transition. Even the most conservative entrepreneurs have understood that the automation of production processes is the only way to differentiate from the competition and continue to be competitive.

Robotic automation of processes: the industrial “Renaissance”

Automazione dei processi di business

After the dark period of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance set itself the goal of bringing humanity back to the center of every discourse, insisting on people as an active force and transformers. In a sense, we are experiencing the same thing at this moment in time, in a historical phase in which technology has a primary role in every industrial and business process.

The automation of IT processes puts employees first, allowing for making the most of their skills and concentrating on the company’s core business. Like a domino effect, the centrality of customers also emerges, where the result is a personalized service tailored to their specific needs.

Of course, the company also benefits, saving on the investment of structures and resources and optimizing the time available. Indeed, time is one of the crucial aspects in the automation of business processes.

The office becomes a virtual space that can be reached at any time and from any place. Ultimately, the quantity of time spent is not important, but rather the quality. Our customers, for example, benefiting from our services, have found a significant reduction in errors in robot processes, which resulted in an improvement in productivity of 40% and in customer satisfaction of 99%.

Why should you automate business processes?

The automation of business processes is now an essential practice for small, medium and large companies. The size of the company or its target market does not matter, but all processes must be automated to enhance themselves in an increasingly demanding and competitive market.

Companies deal with huge workflows on a daily basis, which include accounting, manufacturing and distribution, data entry and analysis, warehouse management, and marketing. All these operations can be automated, so recovering precious time and limiting those tedious and repetitive actions that were previously generally entrusted to human resources.

In summary, intelligent process automation allows you to:

  • automate routine processes for your business;
  • reduce or eliminate any risk of error;
  • aggregate resources and facilitate document management;
  • share information in real time between the various departments and improve the interaction between them;
  • improve communication with external suppliers and partners;
  • offer an optimized, speedy and personalized customer service.

By cutting time and costs, which affect turnover, a company has more resources to invest in future projects or to purchase new, even more innovative and cutting-edge equipment.

A company that has an obsolete and non-digital approach struggles to cope with costs, but also to maintain the pace within an increasingly busy market subject to swift changes.

Customers also play a role in this context, where they are accustomed to a completely different way of using services in comparison to a few years ago. Modern consumers expect accessible online services at their constant disposal, so they can be rather demanding. Within this environment, meeting customer expectations is essential to increase your retention rate.

Automation of production processes: practical examples

To better understand the importance of automation in business processes, here are a few illustrative examples.

Let’s assume that many of your customers have encountered a bug in your software and are flooding your inbox with emails. How much time would you expend answering each of these emails? How many human resources should you employ for this operation, removing them from potentially more important and relevant tasks for your business? In such a case, the automation of marketing processes is useful, capable of providing customer support through online ticketing systems by sending automatic responses based on the most frequent questions and keywords.

Alternatively, consider a business project shared by multiple departments. Each team, when completing its tasks, must notify the department heads and colleagues of the activities carried out. Systems such as emails, phone calls or mini-meetings are, in fact, obsolete and unnecessary in this case. Simply automate processes, share data and make comparisons directly online without wasting time.

The communication of the future is now in technology. Just contact us to find out more.



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