Chatbots, the secret weapon of the future: you just need to know how to use it in the right way


When you think of a robot, the metal humanoids that replace human beings immediately come to mind. In reality, every day we deal with robots that interact with us, albeit smaller variants. 

Just think of the little rectangles that appear on websites that invite us to chat with them. These are called chatbots, ready to assist and equipped with their own artificial intelligence. 

How do chatbots work? 


A chatbot is software programmed to communicate and interact with human beings. But not only that, thanks to the latest technologies, chatbots even manage to think like a human being by foreseeing our requests. 

The most frequent use of chatbots is in customer service, a resource that assists users and relieves operators from work. Modern technologies, as a result of machine learning, allow chatbots to learn for themselves. During conversations with customers, if they are faced with a question not present in their database, they will send the request to an operator and thereafter learn the solution, so as to answer appropriately the next time it comes up. 

A revolutionary customer service

The future of customer service with artificial intelligence 

For every company, customer service is an indispensable activity to take care of its customers. However, providing an effective service that does not affect the brand reputation involves a great deal of effort and expensive investments. This especially happens when users interact across multiple channels with different physical and digital touchpoints. 

It is therefore not surprising that the future of customer service is aimed at achieving economies of scale and reducing the costs associated with satisfying customer requests. The objective is automated and self-service solutions, from FAQs, to apps, to chatbots and conversational interfaces. 

Being able to count on a bot that responds adequately, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, is, in most cases, the winning solution.

On the other hand, however, many customers prefer human contact and do not fully trust a bot. Hence, the best solution is a middle ground, with a team of chatbots and individuals who will offer unbeatable customer service. 

In fact, customer service will never be able to do without real people in flesh and blood, empathic and with strong problem solving skills. The human relationship is not replicable, even by a very intelligent robot that imitates language almost perfectly and responds in real time.

Yet, it is also true that customer care cannot do without chatbots. The bots, therefore, should not be seen as enemies, ready to steal the work of human colleagues, but as allies who will take on the most boring and repetitive jobs. For example, robots could answer the most common and recurring customer questions, 24 hours a day, including at night, so as to avoid overloading operators. 

Humable provides revolutionary and automated solutions to build the perfect marriage between the needs of your company and the user experience. In the implementation of a chatbot, we are by your side in identifying the appropriate techniques, language and tone, to transform a bot into a real customized virtual assistant.

Choose an innovative, intelligent and automatic solution. 




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