Deep learning: the future of artificial intelligence

deep learning

While its name might be fairly self explanatory to some, deep learning is about so much more than just learning. A subcategory of machine learning and artificial intelligence, deep learning is the system that allows a computer to recognize, for example, a face in a photograph or if there is a cat or a dog in an image. 

In our digitized world, these things may seem normal, yet a few years ago this was not the case. This is the evolution made possible by deep learning

How does deep learning work?

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The concept on which the functioning of deep learning is based starts with machine learning, which teaches a computer to carry out an activity humans naturally do, namely, learning by example. 

With deep learning, a computer model learns to perform classification tasks directly from images, text or sound. deep learning models can achieve great accuracy, even surpassing human performance in some instances. Their operation relies on neural network architectures. 

Models are trained using a large set of labeled data and neural network architectures containing multiple layers, capable of learning directly from the data without the need to extract it manually.

The future with deep learning

In recent years, deep learning has made great strides in turning certain science fiction into a reality. deep learning is the future, where artificial intelligence is an area that can improve the lives of each individual. 

With this technology, the computer automatically understands an image and recognizes all the elements that are part of it. Just look around you to appreciate that this vision is part of our daily life. Consider Facebook recognizing faces in photos and tagging these, or the ultra-technological cars that can “read” road signs and follow their directions independently. 

Among the many fields of application of deep learning is recognition and speech and linguistic synthesis with chatbots. We at Humable are able to implement this service, adapting it to the needs of each company, especially in the customer care and customer support processes.

What does the chatbot do? It provides intelligent answers to customers accurately and in real time. It is perfectly capable of extracting information and processing this to provide the most appropriate answer based on the customer’s question. If the bot is unable to solve a particularly complex problem, it turns the question over to an operator and learns from the answers.

We at Humable are able to integrate the chatbot with any digital channel, including website, apps, Telegram or Messenger.


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