Customer service

Enhance customer and employee experience
with intelligent technology.


Perfect assistance: evolve your customer service

Humable puts at your service all intelligence, including artificial intelligence, to revolutionize customer service. Thanks to automation, Customer Service management becomes more efficient, guaranteeing quick responses and continuous assistance. 

Humable takes care of all the phases needed to build the perfect combination of brand needs and user experience. It identifies the appropriate technical specifications and, with your feedback, it defines language, tone and scenarios, to transform a bot into a real virtual assistant.

It doesn’t matter where customers prefer to initiate a conversation: Humable’s intelligent solutions allow you to interact on different communication channels, making the most of their potential.

We offer excellent solutions for your business, too. We won't try to convince you! You will be convinced yourself!

Put us to the test


Thanks to Humable's solutions you can always have the right answer for your customers.

Create digital workers

Maximize talent with a collaboration between man and machines

Availability 24/7

A bot that works for you.
All day.

More time for what matters

Focus human energy and skills on projects of higher value


Humable offers smart solutions!

Find out how an RPA bot can free employees from manual activities.



Intelligent responses to your customers

Improve customer service with Artificial Intelligence
elaborazione del linguaggio naturale


A virtual eye that transforms images into data

Always get the most out of your data

Robotic process automation

Automate repetitive tasks and let your employees focus on more valuable activities

Natural language processing

Increase the results of your business by making your applications smarter.

Intelligent Capture

Intelligent information extraction enables optical character recognition, AI and other techniques to identify and extract information from unstructured content.


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