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Get better performing results thanks to intelligent technologies 


Personalize customer experiences and improve lead generation

The curse and blessing of the Marketing department is the management of the relationship with users. Artificial Intelligence solutions facilitate and improve this process by interacting with buyers during the entire customer journey, from showing interest, to the re-acquisition of lost customers.

Humable, thanks to its intelligent technologies, provides solutions that help companies during all phases. They communicate quickly, professionally and persistently, identifying the most frequent contacts and delivering them to sellers to generate more sales opportunities and increase the revenue.

The Artificial Intelligence technologies used are virtual and voice assistants that make use of artificial intelligence algorithms for the recognition of natural language as well as for the analysis of users’ habits and behaviors. In addition, Humable’s Intelligent solutions analyze data, “sentiment” and people’s needs in real time. These activities can also go as far as to forecast purchasing behavior from which to develop new communication strategies.

We offer excellent solutions for your business, too. We won't try to convince you! You will be convinced yourself!

Put us to the test


Thanks to Humable's solutions you can predict purchasing behavior and develop targeted and innovative strategies.

Design innovative strategies

The analysis of data and customer needs enables you to study targeted communication strategies.

Attract the right prospects

The artificial assistant interacts with the leads in real time and forwards the details to the seller for a follow-up.

Optimize the results

Lead follow-up reports and response details, to make sure that no leads are abandoned.


Humable offers smart solutions!

Find out how an RPA bot can free employees from manual activities.



Intelligent responses to your customers

Improve customer service with Artificial Intelligence
elaborazione del linguaggio naturale


A virtual eye that transforms images into data

Always get the most out of your data

Robotic process automation

Automate repetitive tasks and let your employees focus on more valuable activities

Natural language processing

Increase the results of your business by making your applications smarter.

Intelligent Capture

Intelligent information extraction enables optical character recognition, AI and other techniques to identify and extract information from unstructured content.


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