Digital Transformation and HR: How to manage human resources with the help of technology

Digital Trasformation in HR

The digital transformation has resulted in a profound renewal for companies, including human resources, where the latter was accustomed, until a few years ago, to carrying out boring and repetitive tasks. Managers, with the support of technology and artificial intelligence, can oversee human resources far better, from corporate welfare, to the recruitment of the most suitable talent for a specific position, to the analysis of results and salaries.

In the field of HR management, a change of gear is therefore necessary, which requires a new mentality. The transition is not as automatic as it may seem, both because it is difficult to eradicate certain habits, and because you need the right tools and partners. If you wish to implement human resource management in your company, contact us at Humable.

Why digitize human resources activities?

Digital Trasformation nel settore risorse umane

Each business has its own human resources department, which has to deal with a series of tasks, such as recruiting staff, training, payroll management, policies, and business strategies.

All these processes tend to slow down the work of the company, resulting in excess expenses and downtime, which naturally represents a damage. Through Humable’s intelligent automation, repetitive actions, such as research or data acquisition, are carried out by special robots that replace humans, ensuring a high level of precision and reliability.

Thanks to our solutions, which exploit the potential of Robotic Process Automation and artificial intelligence, you can improve the functioning of your HR department, streamlining work and improving productivity. In practice, you have a virtual team at your disposal that allows you to optimize all the activities of the HR department.

How to improve productivity

The automation of processes is aimed at improving the productivity of a company, providing staff with the right resources and helping the various teams to act in perfect synergy.

All employees have a single platform at their disposal, where they can share work and interface continuously. This eliminates the inappropriate use of online chat, email or other tools that are not connected and integrated.

Hiring new employees or allocating resources to other sectors are very important activities and require great attention. With the automation of processes, the HR department can understand, in full respect of privacy, the abilities of individuals, skills not yet exploited, and the challenges and difficulties in relationships between colleagues.

To have a broader overview of the human material available, it is possible to insert the data collected into a talent analytics process, which provides useful information to enhance talents, establish new salaries by giving value to merit, and determine training courses for certain subjects.

Performance monitoring

To come to an unambiguous and objective yardstick of the success of a company, it is necessary to monitor and evaluate performance. Technology makes it possible not only to establish the objectives to be achieved, but also to evaluate the results obtained.

For this purpose, specific platforms have been created which involve the employees themselves who, through internal company surveys, can release feedback and personal evaluations. In an era of strong digitization, the human element must never be underestimated, which remains the beating heart of every activity.

The employees themselves therefore feel an active part of the company and can share in the victories and results achieved, where careful and continuous monitoring of performance is important.

Thus technology improves human performance.

We must assume that technology is at the service of humankind, and not vice versa. In this light, artificial intelligence and other related technologies, such as natural language processing or machine learning, should be seen as tools aimed at improving the performance of human beings.

In training, courses are more effective, but also safer. For example, company firefighting teams can face a simulation through software, and then easily analyze the errors made at a later time. These tools are called “experience platforms” and offer a fast and efficient learning system.

Careful data management

Today, people analytics software is spreading, which not only collects employee data, but also has important predictive functions. These tools compare data relating to the role, performance, guaranteed turnover, the team to which it belongs, and the emotional bond of an employee with the company.

With this process, a general evaluation of a single person is achieved, but also his or her level of satisfaction is determined. By doing this, it is easier to prevent an employee leaving a company or searching for new positions.

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