GrandVision: the revolution starts with the chatbot for innovative and digital customer care


Customer care is one of the most important services that every business needs to maximize, so as to provide effective support to customers that is both continuous and satisfactory. According to some analyzes, customers are willing to pay a little more for a service or product, as long as they receive continual assistance 24 hours a day.

GrandVision, a Finnish optics company that boasts over 100 years of history and which has several stores in Italy, has acknowledged the new needs of the market by renewing its customer support service.

In fact, the company also operates across digital channels, providing its products on the web. During the lockdown, there was a surge in online purchases, a trend that seems to be set to continue. To respond adequately to customer requests and provide detailed and professional online advice, GrandVision has relied on Humable, a company that provides automated services integrated with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The tool that made this digital revolution possible is the chatbot, created in collaboration with Zendesk, where the chatbot is a sort of virtual assistant capable of answering customer questions at any time. 

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The new GrandVision customer care service

Chatbot per customer care

The traditional customer care service involves the sending of emails and the classic telephone call. These tools, while still used by various companies, are starting to become somewhat obsolete. Chats are decidedly more innovative tools, able to provide immediate and real-time answers to customers. However, despite efficiency and timeliness, chat functionality has one significant limit: it is a service that cannot always be made available. Behind a chat with a customer is a human operator who cannot work 24 hours a day.

GrandVision, a company ever attentive to the changes taking place in the market, identified this limit and, thanks to Humable, has implemented an innovative and effective way to assist customers. The chatbot can replace the human being by simulating written or spoken conversations, as if you were interacting with an operator in the flesh and blood. In this way, GrandVision is able to provide customers with a constant presence 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, allowing for immediate support in all circumstances. 

How do chatbots work?

Chatbots are managed by artificial intelligence, automated rules, machine learning and natural language to process data and information and respond to user questions and requests. This software is capable of managing a conversation and simulating the questions and answers of a real operator.

Chatbots are often linked to FAQs or the most frequently asked questions by users. Starting with FAQ, chatbots are able to provide exhaustive and complete answers to users’ questions.

The advantages of chatbots

For companies, this tool ensures enormous advantages, which GrandVision has witnessed, especially as a result of improved efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The main advantages are:

Optimization of relationships with customers who, thanks to the attention they receive, in turn, become more loyal. Customer care also has a significant impact in terms of image, so it is an element which needs careful attention.

Fewer disruptions that can cause serious damage from an economic point of view. During the purchase process, for example, a customer may have doubts about the methods of delivery, payment or return policy. If such questions are not answered right away, the customer could abandon his or her cart, a situation that many companies fear and try to avoid at all costs. If, on the other hand, the customer has a chatbot available, he or she can ask the necessary questions, which allows peace of mind and the continuation of the purchase.

Reduction of waiting times. The modern consumer is very demanding, does not want to waste time, and demands an answer in just a few minutes. If his or her requests are not fulfilled, the customer will turn to a competitor. With chatbots, the user can also be channeled into the right customer service cluster quickly and without excessive “bounces”.

Time optimized for customer management, so the flow of requests is halved and employees can work under less stressful conditions, managing to provide efficient and satisfactory assistance.

High accuracy rate in responding in a timely and adequate manner to the various customer questions.

Smart learning, as a result of machine learning. The chatbot communicates directly with the interlocutor through natural language processing solutions, stimulating and facilitating the self-learning of the machine, in order to address increasingly complex tasks.

GrandVision has exploited all of these advantages, which has allowed the business to boost its position as a leading company in its sector. 

The synergy with Humable has meant rapid identification of the strengths of GrandVision, where these have consequently been enhanced, guaranteeing a customer care service tailored and molded to the company’s needs.

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