How live chat works

Live chat

Today, time is an increasingly precious resource. People are always looking for quick and immediate solutions. For this reason, it is becoming more important than ever for companies to use digital tools capable of speeding up their responses and optimizing customer care. 

Furthermore, customers are always connected and most requests arrive electronically. Whether emails, phone calls, or messages from customers or potential customers interested in products or services, companies receive plenty of questions every day, where these anticipate the purchase decision. 

Live chat: offer quick responses to avoid losing customers

Live chat

While a customer is waiting for your response to an email or a phone call, they may already switch to another site. As a result, response time becomes essential in order not to lose customers and make a difference in comparison to the competition. 

The user’s purchase desire must be satisfied as quickly as possible. A solution to this problem is to use a live chat, a service that is always present and always open. 

In this way, the customer will have a positive perception of your brand, because he or she is offered a means to receive assistance, ask questions, submit complaints, request advice and, in general, access all the other aspects concerning “customer satisfaction“.

Having a good online reputation certainly contributes to strengthening the identity and authority of a brand. Despite the digitization of services, consumers continue to prefer contact with people. Even in the age of technology, the human factor retains its importance, as it is irreplaceable. People are reassured if they know they can request and receive assistance from a person who empathizes with them and understands their needs.

Online customers can thus live an experience rather similar to that of a physical store, where consulting and assistance in real time represent added value. 

How to use a live chat

Live chat must be a discreet but constant presence. The service should interfere as little as possible with the customer, who can enjoy a peaceful and hassle-free experience free of plaguing messages, banners, advertisements, etc. The danger of such communication is to have the opposite effect, that is to make the visitor flee from the site.

Usually a live chat is positioned at the bottom right hand corner, ready to intervene in support of the customer who can request it with a simple click. 

Having an assisted live chat service available allows you to provide support and assistance constantly to customers, and, at the same time, understand their needs and anticipate questions, so improving your approach to sales.

Chatbot and live chat: Customer care in real time

Having an automatic messaging system on your website allows you to control all avenues, intercept all problems and, above all, respond in real time. But, to take advantage of an even more automated service and not miss a single interaction, a virtual assistant can be implemented. 

The latter solution is applicable in cases where there is a human operator available to dedicate to chat. The virtual assistant will solve all the superficial doubts of your users and, only in the case of complex questions, you can decide to intervene in the chat or have messages directed to your inbox.

Do you want to know how to create a live chat and implement this service according to your needs? Contact Humable to find out about all the solutions available for your business. 

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