How to get the most out of customer service thanks to AI


In such a saturated and competitive market, offering an excellent product at a good price makes a nice business, but it is not enough to outperform the competition. The key to success lies in customer service, an activity that has taken a priority role in every company. Customers are increasingly demanding and expect proactive and effective support 24 hours a day.

Do you want to improve the relationship with your customers? You will find the answer in two words: artificial intelligence. The optimization of processes and the ability to exploit big data for a complete view of your business are excellent ways to offer customer service tailored to the needs of your target audience.

By taking advantage of the multi-channel approach, you are able to offer your customers different channels to contact you, so as to identify critical issues, solve problems and even anticipate possible questions. In this way, you can improve the quality of your service and speed up response times, building a personalized customer experience. If you want to know about the main AI tools that allow you to strengthen the relationship with your customers, consult us at Humable.

How to digitize paper data and physical documents


In the pre-digital age, company employees were forced to perform several extremely stressful and tiring manual jobs. Just think of the collection of cover letters and CVs, or personal data relating to a customer. Much time was lost and the employees themselves risked not remaining focused on the company’s core business.

With new tools, it is easy to digitize data, an operation carried out by software and robots in a few minutes or even seconds. This way, you can quickly track and view customer data or purchasing habits. For example, when a customer requests something or asks a question, it only takes a few clicks to have his or her complete profile and provide an adequate and personalized answer.

The strategic use of AI in the medium-long term

Artificial intelligence provides effective help to companies not only in everyday activities, but also in the medium-long term. Each company must be able to communicate and interact with its customers through the various available channels. A single customer could send a question via text message in the morning, contact support in the afternoon via a phone call, and verify the resolution of the problem via email in the evening.

By taking advantage of AI, you can evaluate the quality of your customer assistance service at 360° and intervene where there are problems or issues. In addition, the various interactions with a customer through the different channels give you a comprehensive picture of his or her behavior and habits, allowing you to customize the service offered. However, the advantages do not end here because, from an even more global perspective, you have the opportunity to know what the main market trends are and establish new business strategies, to provide a product relevant to the wishes of your customers.

NLP: the new frontier of artificial intelligence that improves customer service

Artificial intelligence has almost unlimited potential and every day small discoveries are made that represent steps forward in the digital evolution. The last frontier is called NLP (natural language processing), a branch of artificial intelligence able to understand and interpret human language, producing adequate responses in natural language.

NLP technology analyzes data and extracts valuable content, such as keywords, concepts, and even emotions, through understanding natural language. We at Humable have invested heavily in this field of research and development, creating intelligent software based on machine learning (automatic learning) to achieve increasingly complex and ambitious objectives. Our customer interaction models are able to analyze text, words, emails and even verbal expressions, with the aim of extracting useful information, minimizing errors and increasing productivity.

Chatbots and self-service offerings

Modern customers want quick and immediate answers at any time of day. From this point of view, chatbots have undergone considerable development, where this is software capable of holding a conversation as if it were an operator in the flesh. Chatbots are “educated” and “trained” to answer customer questions and, with machine learning, they are able to collect further information to become more advanced. The customer thus gets swift answers at any time of the day, as they interact with robots that never go to sleep.

Another solution much appreciated by customers is self-service, which allows you to find answers to your questions or solve problems in total autonomy. With artificial intelligence, you can give customers all the tools they need to answer their questions without help.

Many international companies have chosen us as their partner to optimize their customer service. Contact us and together we will find the right way to relaunch your company.



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