How to leverage call center chatbots to improve customer service

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The customer journey during the purchase phase or simply the use of a particular service has radically changed in recent years. This is largely as a result of the digital transformation, which has digitized services and caused customers to become more involved. In this context, chatbot call centers are of great importance, since they optimize customer service and improve the company’s brand awareness.

Call center automation is a service in which Humable has worked extensively, having realized how critical this is in the modern era, especially in terms of productivity. Recent surveys have, in fact, found that an operator supported by a chatbot is 20% more productive.

It’s easy to understand why: all the processes are perfectly automated, so the operator doesn’t have to waste time understanding the ins and outs of every process. The company itself benefits, by way of employees fully concentrated on their core work, with a subsequent significant cost cut, without sacrificing quality.

How do call center chatbots work?

Chatbot il futuro del customer service

Operators save valuable time with call center chatbots, by not having to respond to repetitive customer queries and requests. Chatbots are capable of handling up to 90% of conversations, passing the request to a real person when needed.

The chatbot becomes a precious ally for the operator, suggesting the best answers at the right moments and doing so in line with the customer profile and the marketing initiatives in place.

Conversations can be analyzed and vivisected at a later time, identifying the keywords or methods of approaching a customer that favored the sale of a product or the closing of a contract.

An added value for the company in terms of customer service

To be competitive and differentiate from competitors in an increasingly saturated market, customer service needs to be a core focal point, which Humable has learned to develop by riding the wave of intelligent technology.

What must a company do to establish a close relationship with its customers and solve any critical issues in real time? Firstly, it must improve communication processes and understand the new needs of consumers.

People are increasingly demanding and expect immediate answers in real time in a world that operates at a frenetic speed. In this context, artificial intelligence comes into play, capable of creating an interactive and personalized relationship with customers.

Companies can therefore benefit from the following advantages:

  • immediate answers: customers do not like to wait, so they want at least an answer that provides useful information on the timing of solving a problem; chatbots are able to respond effectively, even when human personnel are not available;
  • 24h availability: a company that provides support even after closing time or on holidays acquires points in the eyes of its target audience;
  • increase in orders and reservations: according to statistics, 47% of consumers, therefore almost one in two, are willing to buy items or make reservations after interacting with a chatbot; the brand obtains two benefits: it streamlines work and increases turnover.

When to request a chatbot service for call centers

Assuming that chatbots for call centers are invaluable tools for any type of company, it is useful to understand that they can make a real difference and become almost indispensable in the following cases:

  • your brand is on the rise and there is a continuous growing demand from customers;
  • you wish to act across multiple channels, from apps to social media, from phone to websites, so you need more support;
  • you want to reduce customer service costs and increase customer support efficiency;
  • you need a 24 hour customer service.

This proactive approach allows you to anticipate potential customer inquiries, significantly reducing the flow of questions and relieving your team of an excessive workload.

The advantages for companies

More and more activities are relying on chatbots for call centers, benefiting from the following advantages:

  • greater efficiency of the support team: secondary requests can be accelerated by chatbots, allowing operators to dedicate themselves more to the most complex problems;
  • customer loyalty: interacting effectively with consumers guarantees them a pleasant experience that facilitates their conversion into loyal customers;
  • scalability: chatbots are easily scalable, therefore able to manage even a large flow of conversations without losing track and providing relevant answers to each customer;
  • zero errors: humans make errors, but chatbots are machines and therefore they can reduce inaccuracies to the point of completely eliminating them for an ever more precise service.

We at Humable can provide you with customizable and scalable solutions, able to meet every need. What are you waiting for?

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