How to take advantage of customer support chat to build customer loyalty

customer support chat

Customer support via chat is now an essential service for companies that want to be competitive. The main objective is to provide maximum support to the customer who may need information on a product, such as payment systems or the type of guarantee offered. Additionally, a customer may require support for a problem experienced, such as a product malfunction or difficulties in obtaining the instruction manual digitally.

Such issues can be significant or minor, but, regardless, they need to be resolved quickly to satisfy the customer and simultaneously increase the company’s brand authority. A live chat customer service should therefore be entrusted to qualified and experienced personnel. We at Humable are here especially for such circumstances, where customer service is our daily bread!

Customer support chat software: technology powered to maximize benefits

Customer support chat

Humable has a live chat app that perfectly handles all incoming requests. We can summarize the advantages as follows:

  • increase in sales: every operator will be able to manage the various customer requests in an optimal manner, where these are appropriately filtered and disposed of by chatbots that deal with the simplest and fastest issues; in practice, maximum results are obtained with minimum effort, resulting in satisfied customer and more time for operators who can make their performance more efficient;
  • an online experience similar to that of the store: despite the boom in online sales, buyers are fond of traditional purchasing, such as that in physical stores, where they can ask sellers for support and advice; the online customer support chat aims to provide the customer with a “phygital” shopping experience, that is, a mix of online and offline experience, where the user can comfortably view the products on the web, relying on the support of a natural person via chat;
  • identify the strengths and weaknesses: with our customer chat support software, you can collect all the data on a conversation, thus being able to understand the subsequent customer actions; the information collected allows you to focus on the best answers to provide following specific requests and the critical points that risk having a negative impact on the shopping experience.

Customer benefits

When it comes to customer support, you always have to put yourself in the customers’ shoes to appreciate the tangible and concrete benefits you offer. The goal is certainly to streamline and speed up your work, but primarily to satisfy your customers with an effective and truly beneficial service.

Here are the advantages guaranteed to customers:

  • personalized purchase: customers are increasingly demanding and want not only a speedy service, but to have this tailored according to their needs; since you have the ability to collect your customers’ data in a database, you can use this at the right time to provide a customized service and anticipate their possible needs;
  • continuous assistance: your customers know that they can contact you at any time, as even outside office hours or on weekends, they will find a chatbot ready to answer their questions and solve small problems;
  • an omnichannel service: another watchword of digital transformation is omnichannel; companies today must be available for their customers at any time and on any channel, from email to social media to live chat. 

chatbot customer support: how does it work?

The chatbot is the secret weapon of the future that will revolutionize, or rather already is revolutionizing, the relationship between companies and customers. These are basically robots that perform mundane and repetitive actions, freeing employees from those rather annoying chores and giving them the ability to focus on more challenging and skill-demanding issues.

Using machine learning, the chatbot is able to learn from its experiences day after day, providing ever more efficient performance. Partners who have experimented with our customer support via chatbot services have achieved the following benefits:

  • increase in conversions up to 31%;
  • savings of at least one hour a day;
  • speeding up the purchasing process and consequently increasing sales.

What does customer support do?

We conclude with some considerations on customer support, which has several objectives:

  • solving problems or answering customer questions;
  • building a relationship of trust and empathizing with customers;
  • providing useful information to customers to adopt the most appropriate behavior in the future and reduce the flow of requests.

For a high-level customer support service you must therefore turn to trained operators equipped with the right technical tools. We at Humable can provide you with both and, since customer support is a fundamental service in every sector, you cannot do without it.

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