Intelligent Automation Consulting: how to speed up processes

Intelligent Automation Consulting

Robotics refers to that software which works as a virtual employee to automate repetitive tasks. In an increasingly evolved world, robotics has been enhanced with multiple digital and analytical elements, guaranteeing important transformations through emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, the internet of things and machine learning. Humable provides an invaluable intelligent automation consulting service, which can be used in the broadest context, from finance and human resources, to supply chains and processes that involve customers. 

Intelligent automation does not look at how individual technologies can be applied in a company, but rather entails ways to reinvent the various front and back office processes, adapting them to the needs of digital customers. By combining the various technologies, processes are redesigned and automated, making them faster and more efficient and reducing errors, risks and waiting times.

Humable understands this critical era of change, also known as the digital revolution or the Fourth Industrial Revolution. As a result, we have developed tools and technologies, such as AI made to scale, designed to optimize companies’ performance and provide increasingly effective customer service. The partners who have relied on our intelligent automation consultancy saw customer satisfaction rise by 26%, with a 16% reduction in errors and a 23% reduction in waiting times.

Intelligent automation consulting: benefits

Intelligent Automation Consulting

Intelligent automation technologies provide 360° support for companies, which can consequently rely on accurate instrumentation data in every decision-making process.

With our consulting service in the area of intelligent automation solutions, you can:

  • identify the best strategies and opportunities of the moment;
  • consider and identify operational models and centers of excellence;
  • assess the risks and the impact on employees and customers of certain business strategies;
  • prioritize the processes deemed most important.

Consequently, you can obtain tangible benefits, including:

  • reduction of operating costs by 25 to 40%;
  • provision of services faster by 3 to 5 times, when compared to manual operations;
  • precise process predictions, as machines constantly follow the same algorithms;
  • reduced risk of human errors, therefore less financial and reputational risks.

Why do companies need tools for intelligent automation?

When defining intelligent automation, we can identify it as a set of technologies including artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotic process automation, cognitive computing and smart analytics. Most business leaders understand the importance of intelligent automation systems, which contribute to business growth and represent a valuable ally to improve the quality of the customer experience. Our consulting service helps you to better manage these tools, adapting them to your specific needs.

Intelligent automation software is essential for companies during the digital transformation process, helping them to innovate customer support services, improve employee productivity and increase revenue.

It generally begins with the automation of manual processes, which require a considerable amount of energy and result in a great waste of time. Intelligent automation via the cloud ensures greater speed and scalability, creating continuous automation of the processes and reducing errors.

By taking advantage of machine learning and the recognition of text, images and voice, processes are automated and employees are also facilitated in their work, improving business productivity. As many as 9 out of 10 senior business decision makers are convinced that automation intelligence is an essential resource for addressing the digital transformation that is touching all companies. For this reason, requests for specific consultancy on intelligent automation systems are increasing.

How to optimize performance with intelligent automation consulting services

With our consultancy support, you can improve your business processes, taking them to new heights in terms of speed, quality and efficiency. Among the solutions available to you are:

  • robotic process automation;
  • automatic learning;
  • hyperautomation.

Robotic automation of processes

RPA (robotic process automation) is able to replicate an array of human actions when interacting with software systems. The automation of processes allows you to carry out indispensable activities, based on laborious rules, through robots, where these can be assisted, autonomous, cognitive or even unattended.

machine learning

Not all data is based on fixed rules and, in these cases, we lean on machine learning, which deals with algorithms capable of identifying the most relevant information based on historical data, models, training or semantic interpretation. 

machine learning, integrated with RPA, interprets data, extracting the most pertinent information and suggesting the steps to follow and the subsequent decisions to be taken.


While traditional automation is limited to carrying out specific tasks in support or replacement of human operators, hyperautomation uses advanced solutions based on artificial intelligence software, machine learning models and NLP (natural language processing) to optimize processes and increase people’s skills.

The future is today. If you want to supply the definitive impetus to your company to better face the new digital transformation, rely on our intelligent automation consulting service. 

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