Just Eat turned to Humable for its System Integration via RPA

System Integration per Just Eat

Food delivery has significantly accelerated during the lockdown, a situation which has furthered the digitisation of such services. Food delivery companies have had to review their internal structure in the face of a real boom in requests.

This is not a transitory phenomenon, as many users who had never “experienced” such a home delivery service found themselves surprised that they could not do without it once lockdown had come to an end.

One such food delivery company is Just Eat, a business that has entrusted us at Humable to implement a system integration solution through RPA.

Who is Just Eat?

Just Eat is a relatively young company, having been established in Denmark in 2000, but, in a short space of time, it has become one of the world’s leading giants of food delivery

Just Eat acts as a bridge between consumers and sellers, generating benefits and advantages for all. 

Consumers do not always have the time or desire to queue up to buy pizzas or sandwiches, for instance, while restaurateurs do not necessarily have the means to make home deliveries quickly. Just Eat fills this gap, meeting the needs of consumers and restaurateurs by taking care of the home delivery of food.

Furthermore, in 2019, Just Eat announced a merger with Takeaway, an aspect that led to further growth of the group, consolidating its position as a major player in the food delivery market.

System Integration with RPA: Humable’s solution for Just Eat

System integrazion

The goal of Just Eat is to further digitize its services, optimally managing data in real time. The collaboration between Humable and Just Eat led to the implementation of a system integration through RPA

The process of updating and collecting data can involve a considerable waste of time and money, since the person employed represents a cost to be incurred. Furthermore, there is the risk of human errors, which can lead to decreases in productivity.

Thanks to Robotic Process Automation solutions, enormous benefits can be obtained for companies that, like Just Eat, want to complete their digital transformation. 

In a nutshell, the system introduced by Humable saves 70% for a company in terms of hours. If the saying that “time is money” holds true, it is simple to see that time saved indeed translates into profit. 

Automating Repetitive Tasks and Saving Time and Money: The Benefits of RPA

To understand how Humable works, it is important to focus on the concept of RPA. Robotic Process Automation implies using software that can automate repetitive tasks, guaranteeing considerable savings in time, money and resources. Basically, RPA replaces humans in long and tedious business processes, resulting in 24/7 operation without the risk of error.

RPA is based on artificial intelligence and, if necessary, can also automate activities which use unstructured data, such as documents or images. Those processes that took a week to complete are completed within hours. Employees certainly benefit, as, freed from repetitive tasks, they can focus on their core business activities and become more focused and productive at work.

Humable: an “ad hoc” solution for every need

The Just Eat digital transformation process was characterized by various stages of evaluation and development that led to the achievement of a winning result. 

The first phase, pre-assessment, involves a feasibility study with an assessment of the convenience of the solution and a comparison between costs and benefits. 

The second phase, assessment, is based on three points: detailed analysis of the process to be automated, drafting of the project plan, and formalization of the automation proposal.

The third phase, development, involves the development of the solution, its testing, and evaluation of the beta solution. 

The fourth phase, delivery, entails a delta finalization with respect to the customer’s expectations and the release into production of the definitive solution.

Finally, the last phase, maintenance, is based on checking the functioning of the solution adopted, continuous improvement, and identification of new features to be added.

The transformation of your company is entrusted to people, and not simply software. Humable follows and supports companies throughout the process, from training on digital skills, to innovation on software and systems to achieve intelligent operations.

The use of Agile methodologies and continuous interaction with customers allow us to optimize processes and create valuable solutions.

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With intelligent automation, complex challenges turn into successful results. 


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