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Customizing the customer experience has become an aspect that cannot be ignored. But how much time do you waste on repetitive tasks? Marketing Automation is the solution that allows you to achieve important goals by increasing sales and conquering customers. All this by saving valuable hours.

Automation, thanks to new technologies, has now conquered the marketing’s world.

Humable, thanks to advanced tools and software, helps companies reach the right people, create the right message and send it at the right time.

Marketing Automation is based on software platforms that automate repetitive tasks, develop and implement marketing campaigns, they are able to track the behaviors of current or potential customers.

Send emails, post on social networks, connect with potential clients: that is the definition of a never-ending day and it can often lead to errors. Marketing Automation makes all these processes easier and more efficient.

In this article we will reveal everything you can achieve by automating Sales and Marketing activities.

Marketing automation: software and tools to use

RPA Robotic Process Automation

Customers are no longer satisfied with the relationships they had with the company until some time ago. They want to be constantly informed and get real-time answers.

Dealing with this relationship with dedicated staff means spending precious time and human resources.

This is why many companies are choosing automation with the best marketing automation software.

Artificial Intelligence solutions in the marketing department facilitate and improve processes by interacting with customers during their purchasing processes: from the identification of their interests to their conquest.

Many companies keep sending thousands of emails, thinking they can get the attention of potential customers, but the result they get is zero.

With marketing automation you can create targeted campaigns to involve individual leads or prospects. This way you can, for example, send personalized emails and messages based on the customer.

Here’s what you can do with Marketing Automation:

  • Email Marketing: automatically sends personalized messages depending on the actions that users take;
  • CRM Management: Monitor users behavior and use segmentation;
  • Lead Nurturing: send communications strategically to get to know you by your new contacts until you convince them to convert;
  • Reporting: Check your results in real time and synchronize customer data.

Thanks to Humable solutions, you can predict purchasing behaviour and develop targeted and innovative strategies:

  • Create innovative strategies: the analysis of data and customer needs allow to study targeted communication strategies;
  • Attracts the right prospects: artificial intelligence allows you to interact with leads in real time and transmit details for follow-up;
  • Optimize results: reports on lead’s follow-up and response details, in order to be sure no leads are abandoned.

Examples of what you can achieve with Humable and Marketing automation

Modern strategies, methods and technologies allow you to create personalized content for each contact based on your behavior.

The potential customer, in this way, has a communication dedicated only to him and does not feel like he is one of many.

Humable, thanks to its intelligent technologies, provides solutions that help companies in each phase.

They communicate promptly, professionally and persistently, identifying the most frequent contacts and delivering them to sellers to generate more sales opportunities and increase revenue.

Artificial Intelligence technologies used are virtual and voice assistants that exploit artificial intelligence algorithms both for the recognition of natural language and for the analysis of user habits and behaviors.

Furthermore, Humable’s Intelligent solutions analyze in real time the data, the “sentiment” and the needs of people. These activities can predict purchasing behaviour from which to develop new communication strategies.

The best marketing automation strategies with Humable

As you may have guessed, marketing automation is not just a sales and promotion tool, but it is primarily about customer loyalty. The main objective is to guide potential customers in a path towards purchase, in order to transform them from simple visitors into loyal customers.

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