Robotic Process Automation: a turning point in the corporate world

RPA Robotic Process Automation

Until a few years ago, nobody knew about RPA robotic process automation. Today, however, it is a technology that companies projected towards the future cannot do without. In practice, RPA entrusts intelligent software with the role of automatically carrying out simple tasks with little added value. 

A useful definition of RPA robotic process automation can be found by borrowing a description from the IRPAAI (Institute for Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence), according to which “RPA refers to all technologies, products and processes involved in the automation of work processes and that uses “software robots”, capable of automatically performing repetitive activities by simulating human behavior and interacting with IT applications ”.

RPA Robotic process automation: the benefits for companies

RPA Robotic Process Automation

The introduction of this technology has had a disruptive effect on the concept of corporate life, which has been greatly streamlined and accelerated. Human resources have been relieved of many jobs, often boring and repetitive. A prime example is data entry. This takes hours, even days, if it has to be done manually. Furthermore, operators, having to perform a series of almost mechanical actions, can more easily run into errors, without considering the frustration of doing a job that is not very stimulating.

This demanding task can be entrusted directly to machines, freeing up employees, drastically limiting the margin of error and reducing costs and time. Internal resources can therefore devote themselves to the core business of the company, carrying out more rewarding tasks in line with their skills. Of course, the productivity of the entire company benefits from this, as it can count on automated and perfectly synchronized processes.

Furthermore, through RPA, operators can check the workings of the robots and evaluate any anomalies, which are always solved by the same software in real time. RPA has broken into the most disparate sectors, from telecommunications to tourism, and from manufacturing to finance.

The revolutionary force of RPA robotic process automation software

RPA software works primarily on structured data, where this is easier to analyze, such as databases or Excel files. Thanks to technological evolution, which is potentially unlimited and still has great room for improvement, there is also software that is able to manage unstructured data, such as scanned documents, photos or videos.

By projecting a gaze towards the future, new technologies will automatically be able to learn the operations to be automated, adapting themselves in total autonomy to new contexts and contingencies.

The next step is intelligent automation, that is RPA Robotic Process Automation solutions capable of learning directly from human behavior through machine learning, based on previous experiences and reacting to external stimuli, so as to adopt predictive and proactive behaviors to speed up each process.

From this perspective, Humable is already a step forward, as it has developed an Intelligent Automation Consulting service that can be used across various sectors, from human resources to supply chains to finance. The partners who have relied on our services have recorded a reduction in operating costs of between 25 and 40%, without considering the speed of the supply of services compared to manual operations.

RPA Robotic process automation and data protection

Finally, mention must be made of automated robots in relation to data protection, a hot issue especially after the approval of the latest privacy regulations.

Legal responsibility always lies with human beings, who are responsible for the security of the tools used to manage data.

You should therefore lean on specialized and reliable companies, such as Humable, equipped with highly advanced software and able to perform all the mandatory activities to treat sensitive information and data appropriately.

Contact us and together we will write a new page for your company, projecting it towards the goals you have always set for yourself.




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