Robotic process automation explained by those in the know

Robotic Process Automation tutti i vantaggi

Do you know how companies are winning the challenge with digital transformation? 

It’s all thanks to robotic process automation

If you want to find out why this intelligent software is so important for the work of the future, read our guide and you will discover the advantages that your company can also achieve. 

Robotic process automation (RPA) refers to software that can automate processes, managing to carry out repetitive and routine human activities. 

RPA robots are faster, accurate and tireless! 

Numerous companies have relied on intelligent automation, ensuring significant results in terms of a reduction of costs, elimination of errors and a greater concentration of employees in core business activities. 

Find out which RPA solution suits your needs. 

What is robotic process automation: why it makes your employees efficient 

Robotic process automation: cos'è

Going to work at a company and carrying out the same operations every day is certainly not very satisfying. Entering data, moving files, managing databases and performing many similarly repetitive activities does not ensure a satisfied employee. In addition, routine work often results in mistakes. 

What if an intelligent robot that does not make mistakes and never gets tired carries out these operations instead?

This is robotic process automation: the use of software bots to automate the most repetitive tasks normally performed by knowledge workers.

One of the most common examples is checking invoices, refund requests, or other similar documents. These are repetitive processes with low added value, even if they are indispensable for a company.

 In these cases, the RPA bot is configured so that it can independently do the work, looking for the documents and extracting the data required. The result is transferred to other applications or to the human operator. 

One of the great revolutions of the present age is the use of machine learning together with RPA. With this technology, bots have become even smarter and can learn on their own. machine learning allows software to observe how a process is managed and learn by improving day by day. 

The adoption of RPA software inevitably involves internal changes within a company, which must redesign the relevant processes. At this stage, you need an expert partner, such as Humable, who has been accompanying companies in digital transformation for years, providing all the necessary support to make businesses competitive in the market.

Now that you know what robotic process automation is, we reveal the many benefits to you.  

The advantages of robotic process automation

Automation allows you to create winning solutions, thus eliminating wasted hours in tedious and mechanical processes, so freeing employees from repetitive and standardized activity.

The benefits of using robotic process automation include: 

  • Accelerate time to value: create, verify and implement new automation schemes in hours, rather than days or months; 
  • Reduce human error: eliminate copy and paste errors or manual errors; 
  • Increase throughput: complete automated tasks in seconds or minutes to provide your customers with more valuable results; 
  • Increase efficiency: your staff will not have to worry about time-consuming activities, but can concentrate on those of greater value;
  • Lower costs: increase productivity, so that your organization can do more with less; 
  • Maximize your performance: bots don’t take breaks and can work 24/7, 365 days a year. 

Furthermore, RPA processes are perfectly malleable according to the needs of a company, without upsetting the IT architecture. 

Let’s be honest: does RPA have risks?

In general, the application of robotic process automation does not entail great risks for a company, as long as you turn to experienced organizations. 


One of the biggest risks relates to data management and security. In order to function, RPA bots have access to internal databases and CRMs to locate, copy or paste information, or move data.

The login credentials of the RPA bot can be a critical issue if not properly secured. Very often, they remain unchanged and unprotected, and therefore can be stolen by a cyber attacker. 

Protecting the credentials used by this digital workforce is a critical step in securing RPA processes.

Humable guarantees you maximum security and data protection with our advanced security systems. 

Our RPA services in finance are also an ideal solution for banks and financial institutions, for which data security is a priority. Furthermore, the proposed service guarantees the tracking and monitoring of each document throughout the process, preserving the stored data.

Humable: ask the experts for advice

Humable offers customized solutions for companies in different sectors, able to increase performance and reduce management costs and implementation times.

With our use of disruptive technologies, we ensure a strategic competitive advantage by facing challenges such as the automation of document management, data entry, human resources processes, budget management, data extraction and migration, etc. 

Our goal is to make the implementation of RPA and AI technology accessible to all companies in the European market, including small and medium-sized enterprises and startups, while maintaining high levels of security, privacy and compliance.

If you want to exploit all the potential of RPA and give new impetus to your business, contact us. We at Humable will find the most suitable solution, shaping it according to your needs.

Contact us now!


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