RPA: 4 types of automation that can be introduced in a company

RPA 4 tipi di automazioni

The digital transformation is an unstoppable force, where companies have to adapt to change, so as not to fall behind. By automating routine tasks, companies save substantial time and money. Furthermore, human resources are exploited to the best of their abilities, being assigned to more complex tasks, rather than repetitive and boring activities.

As a result, companies have a more agile and swift infrastructure, so they can compete across different markets, both local and international. If you want to know how to automate your business with RPA solutions, contact us at Humable. We are at the forefront in this sector and can offer customized solutions for every need. RPA is based on software technologies designed to automate back-office processes and, by virtue of its versatility, it can be applied across various sectors. Read on for examples of automation that can revolutionize companies.

Automation of processes in customer service

RPA esempi di automazioni

Achieving a high level of customer satisfaction is one of the main objectives of companies. Customers are now at the center of the process and it is these people who determine the success or failure of an activity. Intelligent automation allows you to connect different systems, in order to unify data and find a single answer to the most frequent problems.

With the automation of the process, it is possible to access historical data relating to each individual customer, building a tailor-made path for him or her in the support and consultancy phase. In this way, not only are response times reduced by “packaging” unique solutions, but costs are significantly cut. Rather than moving huge amounts of data from one system to another, which is a costly and labor-intensive operation, intelligent automation systems process incoming data and requests by appropriately answering customer questions and leveraging natural language processing capabilities.

The chatbot and robo-software are able to read emails, documents and chat conversations, accelerating connections to information. Computer vision technologies allow customer service systems to process videos, documents and images and translate these into information to analyze customer requests.

How to speed up the management of claims

Insurance companies, especially generic ones that deal with home and vehicle insurance or workplace accidents etc., receive a large number of phone calls, emails and inquiries on various issues every day. For a call center, managing this enormous amount of work becomes complicated, with the risk of making mistakes or providing answers with great delay.

Process automation linked to artificial intelligence has changed the game for insurance companies. Robo-software has the ability to analyze a large amount of data swiftly, even where this data is diverse, so as to correct errors, rework these and reallocate these into the right sections. All this significantly lightens the load for operators and drastically reduces the data processing time. Practices are quick, offering customers problem resolution and helping companies stay competitive.

Email routing

Managing emails is a tiresome job for individual employees, who have to read, label and redirect various messages to the destination channel. To improve business, many companies have relied on the use of RPA, significantly reducing processing speed. According to analysis, what employees can do in 45 hours, RPAs achieve in 3 seconds.

The time savings are evident and translate into a large increase in productivity, all to the benefit of business profit. Employees are freed from routine work and can spend their time on more complex and delicate projects and jobs that cannot be done by a robot.

Verification and data transfer

Verification of data is a fundamental aspect, both from a monetary and customer loyalty point of view. For example, it is possible to quantify customer satisfaction, which is the result of the accuracy and efficiency of the services offered. By automating activities with bots, data can be transferred from different applications speedily, saving precious hours that can then be redirected towards improving relationships with customers.

Let’s take as an example a healthcare company grappling with the digitization of thousands of medical records. If this process were conducted by human personnel, it would take thousands of hours. Software robots, on the other hand, are able to complete this job within merely a few hours.

RPA is a safe and now indispensable investment for companies that want to modernize. If you wish to automate your company, contact us at Humable, where we have a variety of innovative solutions for each activity.

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