Intelligent Capture

Capture and organize information with artificial intelligence


The eye that digitizes your data

The Advanced Image Recognition (AIR) allows you to acquire, process and analyze data from any image.

Intelligent information extraction aims to simulate human vision on the computer (the evolution of Computer Vision technology). AIR is a framework that allows for greater automation through image inspection processes. It works fully independently using Optical Character Recognition, Artificial Intelligence and other techniques for identifying and extracting information from unstructured content.

With Humable you can get the most out of your data

The software that use Advanced Image Recognition technology represent the optimal solution for companies that need to transform images and texts into digital data. Our “Intelligent Capture” framework has been created to interact with your data better, revolutionizing any operation that involves a visual inspection for identifying images.

Thanks to Advanced Image Recognition, companies can automatically organize data and focus only on the analysis part.


Immediate processing

Incoming documents are extracted, interpreted and delivered, thus eliminating the problems of manual processing.

Optimized times

Using efficient tools to reduce the time, effort and costs of information gathering projects.

Capture more information

Extracting data from multiple sources with modern machine learning tools and Artificial Intelligence.

An intelligent look at your company

Data is critical to managing modern businesses, however most organizations still struggle with the manual work required to manage the collected data. Solutions that use AIR technologies are able to extract, manipulate and use data from multiple sources.  

 By automating information extraction operations, companies can collect data from unstructured content more productively. This way, the insights and analyzes are more aligned with the reality, allowing more effective digital transformation initiatives and better business results.   

The digital transformation with Humable happens gradually, demonstrating in each step the effectiveness and feasibility of the technology before handling a larger-scale transformation.

Humable divides development work into several stages:


and analysis

Studying feasibility and analyzing the company’s business processes, resources and current metrics


Implementation and
evaluation of the prototype

The prototype is a business model created to test the feasibility and proof of the concept. In this phase, the customer can evaluate and test its effectiveness


Release of
the product

The product is developed and released. Thanks to the previous phases, the final product is launched with minimal risks.


OCR software incorporated with RPA solutions

Professional software that offer only OCR

OCR Cloud Services

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Humable offers smart solutions!

Find out how an RPA bot can free employees from manual activities.



Intelligent responses to your customers

Improve customer service with Artificial Intelligence
elaborazione del linguaggio naturale


A virtual eye that transforms images into data

Always get the most out of your data


Human resource

Concentrate on your work and leave the tedious activities to the machine

Improve talent acquisition and employee engagement

Accounting & Finance

Boost smart workflows in the finance department.

Unleash the power of innovation and increase the performance.


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