Natural language processing

A machine that speaks and understands your language. 


Conversations between Robots and Humans

Natural Language Processing is a branch of Artificial Intelligence that deals with designing systems that are able to analyse, understand and interpret human language, as well as to produce responses in natural language. 

NLP technology analyses data and extracts its contents: concepts, key words, categories and emotions using the comprehension of the natural language.  Its applications range from virtual assistants to automatic translators, chatbots and voice solutions that enable verbal or written interaction. 

A constantly improving technology

Humable’s solutions facilitate the machine’s self-learning abilities using machine learning technologies. Our software communicate directly with the interlocutor through Natural Language Processing solutions by stimulating and facilitating the self-learning of the machine in order to address more and more complex tasks.

Humable helps companies use artificial intelligence to create new models of customer interaction. The texts, verbal expressions and the tone of voice are analyzed in an intelligent and effective way, drawing useful data to understand business phenomena and trends.


Minimizes errors

Artificial intelligence goes beyond the limits of human attention, thus eliminating accidental errors and speeding up responses.

Increases productivity

Better motivated staff can focus on activities of higher value that can facilitate the company’s growth.

Turns data into value

Greater process efficiency, better data organization and monitoring.

Get more value from your data with Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing interprets customer messages, texts, emails and voice requests, identifying their intention, sentiment and context. The analysis of the data is useful for obtaining meaningful and usable information for improving customer service and company procedures.

The development process 

The implementation of Natural Language Processing solutions requires continuous interaction with the client to collect necessary information, in a continuously evolving state. For this reason, Humable uses an “Agile” methodology that enables the optimization of the processes and the creation of valuable solutions.

The process starts with a workshop with the client followed by biweekly sprints to check the progress of the proposed solution. Each sprint serves to discuss a new feature and to verify the satisfaction of the customer, to whom is shown the work done up to that point. Thanks to this approach, it is possible to make changes to the project easily and to identify new improvement needs for the solution.


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