Advanced Image Recognition

A virtual eye that transforms images into data


Always get the most out of your data

Humable’s Advanced Image Recognition solution enable the “reading” of the data contained in an image. AIR inspects the image and works fully independently using optical character recognition, Artificial Intelligence and other techniques to identify and extract information from unstructured content.

Advance Image Recognition “reading” is executed using a bot that inspects the PDF document and extracts interesting results. This data is organized and transferred according to predefined needs. The process is completed with a data control dashboard that provides a clear, simple and updated view.

The Advanced Image Recognition is a perfect solution for companies that need to transform images and texts into digital data.

One minute of robotic work is the equivalent of about 15 minutes of manual work!

We offer excellent solutions for your business, too. We won't try to convince you! You will be convinced yourself!

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Humable's Advanced Image Recognition solution

Allows companies to reduce manual processing errors and optimize working times

Eliminate errors

The documents and images are inspected, processed, organized and transferred without human intervention

Flexible technology

The Advanced Image Recognition solution adapts to different types of documents and changing needs

Extract more information

Accelerate digital automation projects with the power of AI for intelligent data extraction


Rpa + Air

The Uipath bot opens the PDF file and using Google OCR (Cloud Vision) technology, it is able to recognize and read the sections of the document and to extract the required data. This data is automatically transferred to an Excel file or Database, and it is organized in a clear way and up to date. Thanks to data transfer it is possible to create a dashboard on Power BI or any other similar tools that would be complete and viewable on different terminals


The Humable Team redesigns the process with the help of Robotic Process Automation technology, using UiPath software, thus reproducing, managing, and scheduling the operations in a completely automatic way. 


Robotic process automation

Automate repetitive tasks and let your employees focus on more valuable activities

Natural language processing

Increase the results of your business by making your applications smarter.

Intelligent Capture

Intelligent information extraction enables optical character recognition, AI and other techniques to identify and extract information from unstructured content.

Casi di successo


One of our customers active in the energy field turned to Humable to solve management and communication problems between the administration, finance and control departments.

The need

The company requested a solution that could speed up the digitization processes, so as to optimize the flow, reduce the insertion time and improve the integration between the various systems used.


The solution

The process flow developed by Humable allowed the company to organize the various departments in a coordinated manner and ensured that the data entry process was significantly accelerated. AIR technology, combined with the UiPath platform, customized RDP (Puma) and a SAP (FICO module) system has led to an average speed of 60% of the original speed for each automated activity.

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Eliminate errors by making the most of AIR technology
Fully customizable flexible technology
Extract more information and speed up every process
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