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AVAbot (Accounting Virtual Assistant) connects and automates the movement of both banking and accounting data between various applications for effective consolidation of management reports, uploads transaction data from various subsystems and different formats, and automates workflows, generating greater efficiency in the processes.

Thanks to cutting-edge RPA and AI solutions, it is possible to operate on any accounting system by automating repetitive processes, thus ensuring high efficiency and a complete reduction of human error on all core processes in the finance and accounting sector.

Smart solutions that guarantee concrete results of greater efficiency!

Put us to the test


AVAbot in action: it can enter the first notes for you!

 The BOT’s artificial intelligence is able to independently manage the entire data entry process.

It eliminates errors

It guarantees precision both in the document acquisition phase and in the digitizing phase;

It saves time

It reduces data entry times, allowing people to focus on more valuable activities.

Detailed report

When it finished uploading the desired data, the Bot reports via email on the activities carried out.



With the help of Kofax’s Robot Process Automation technologies that AVABOT uses, any structured process can be reproduced, handled, and scheduled in a totally automatic way.

RPA + Air

The bot opens the PDF file and through AIR technology (Kofax OCR) it is able to recognize and read the sections of the document and extract the required data. This data is automatically transferred to an Excel file or database, and it is organized clearly and up-to-date. Thanks to data transfer, it is also possible to generate a dashboard on Power BI or other tools, exhaustive and viewable on different terminals.


Robotic process automation

Automate repetitive tasks and let your employees focus on more valuable activities

Natural language processing

Increase the results of your business by making your applications smarter.

Intelligent Capture

Intelligent information extraction enables optical character recognition, AI and other techniques to identify and extract information from unstructured content.

Casi di successo

Green economy

An important customer operating in the field of the green economy chose Humable to define a system of automation able to manage the numerous administrative and financial data-entry activities.

The need

The request, in fact, is that of an automatism relating to the management of the first notes.

The activity involved the need to enter the transactions recorded in the warehouse management system in the accounting system. In particular, this referred to the management of collections and the management of reimbursements.

The solution

Through the Kofax RPA platform and the warehouse management and accounting systems, we developed a solution capable of managing the entire workflow: opening the warehouse management system, acquisition of warehouse loading and unloading operations, opening of the accounting system, transcoding of the customer from the table, data entry into the accounting system (date; customer document; counterpart cash account) and assignment of a sign by type of receipt / refund entry.

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