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Improve customer service with Artificial Intelligence

The Humable Smartbot replies to your customers’ questions in real time and accurately. It extracts information and processes it, phrasing the most suitable answer to satisfy the customer’s request. The Smartbot can be integrated with any digital channel: website, Messenger, Telegram, or APP.

The bot is always ready to answer frequently asked questions. It will forward the question to the operator only when it is faced with a new problem and it will also learn from their answers. 

Not a simple response, but an efficient solution.

We offer excellent solutions for your business, too. We won't try to convince you! You will be convinced yourself!

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Humable Smartbot is the solution you are looking for.

The intelligent virtual assistant is able to understand the intentions of the interlocutor and speak in a human way.

High accuracy rate

Exceptional accuracy rate in responding to user questions.

Reduction of response times

Responses delivered in seconds.

Smart learning

The Smartbot learns independently and trains itself lightning fast. 



Thanks to the automation guaranteed by UiPath, any information can be extrapolated and inserted into a database to allow the smartbot to answer all users’ questions.

Natural Language Processing

Thanks to Google’s Dialogflow technology, it is possible to define all the questions and answers with their relative flow, after having first identified a cluster.

NLP integration + RPA

Thanks to the integration of NLP (Dialogflow Google) with the RPA (Uipath) it is possible to create end-to-end automated solutions, from the interaction with the user in natural language to the execution of entire workflows, ensuring accurate responses that are updated in real-time.


Robotic process automation

Automate repetitive tasks and let your employees focus on more valuable activities

Natural language processing

Increase the results of your business by making your applications smarter.

Intelligent Capture

Intelligent information extraction enables optical character recognition, AI and other techniques to identify and extract information from unstructured content.

Casi di successo


A Finnish company leader in the optics sector that boasts over 400 stores in Italy. 

Since the beginning of the pandemic, it has had to deal with a sudden change in the market, finding in Humable the ideal partner to enhance its sales and customer service.

The need

Given the circumstances, the customer had to increase the quality of its customer care service. It required a transversal solution capable of managing both a young clientele accustomed to digital and an older client accustomed to traditional methods.

The solution

We created a chatbot integrated into their website that responds in real time to customer requests. Humable’s chatbot extracts information and processes it by formulating the most suitable response to satisfy the request. Thanks to our technology, the chatbot will turn the question over to the operator only when a new problem arises, learning from the answers in each case.

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