What are the best chatbot designs?

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In recent years, intelligent messaging systems are becoming increasingly common. But you have to be careful, as they are not all the same, both in function and appearance. In this article we will discuss the best chatbot designs, because a robot must be attractive inside and outside!

Have you ever exchanged a conversation with a chatbot?

We are certain that at least once in your life you have had an encounter with such artificial intelligence. But the question is: did you get the impression you were talking to a mere lifeless robot or could you not feel the difference from conversing with an operator? 

A chatbot is software that can simulate a conversation with people through a chat system. Today, they are getting closer and closer to human intelligence. In fact, they are able not only to understand their language, but also to learn from their interactions.

Below we will find out the elements of a chatbot that simply cannot be overlooked to ensure that they remain different from a cold automaton. 

chatbot names: how to give a bot personality


Have you programmed your chatbot to perfection? Are you ready to answer any request? 

Do you think you are done? Actually no, you have to give it a name first!

To make a chatbot different from the others, your bot must have a personality that must embody the company’s vision as much as possible. If your corporate image is young and ironic, your chatbot must be fun and enjoyable. 

This is accomplished with the right copy and the right tone of voice.

But the details are also important: your chatbot must have a creative name, which will attract the curiosity of users. 

Giving your chatbot a simple, easy-to-pronounce human name seems to be a safe choice, as customers may find it familiar and trust it. 

There are also advantages to robotic names, as they allow you to distinguish between the chatbot service and the human service, which is very important for users who always want to know who they are talking to. 

What about the gender? There is no rule about this. Rather, it is best left to your discretion. Female names among chatbots tend to be more popular, but be careful not to promote gender bias. 

The best choice is likely to give your chatbot a neutral name, as long as it is attractive and… intelligent! 

How to build a chatbot: how the intelligent assistant works

Are you wondering how to choose the chatbot most suitable to your needs?

We at Humable have implemented a chatbot capable of responding in real time to customer requests, extracting the information available and reprocessing it to provide the most suitable answer.

We have been operating in this sector for years and design unique chatbots for Telegram, Messenger, websites and apps, and indeed for any channel you prefer to use when chatting to your users. 

The next step in the design is ensuring that the chatbot is attractive so as to increase rapport with the public, stimulating a relationship of trust and security. 

Users satisfied with the conversation with the chatbot are users who will easily turn into customers. 

5 tips to create a successful chatbot

Now we just have to find out how to start designing a chatbot with an effective UX. 

Here are 5 tips to avoid making mistakes: 

  1. Choice of colors: The appearance should recall the colors of the brand and steer clear of bright colors that could irritate the user’s eye. 
  2. Tone of voice: Try to speak the same language as the user to make him or her feel comfortable.
  3. Always give the user a way out: The UX of a chatbot must include the possibility of canceling an operation to ensure users can retrace their step. If users feel blocked in any way, they will leave the conversation.
  4. Use short sentences: As much as possible, simulate the manner of speaking like a human being.
  5. Arouse positive emotions: Repeat the user’s name in responses to create a more personal conversation. 

Why chatbots are important for a company

What must a company do to foster a close relationship with its customers and solve any problem in real time? 

People are increasingly demanding and want immediate answers in real time. In this context, artificial intelligence comes into play, capable of creating an interactive relationship with customers, building a personalized relationship with each of them.

This is why your company simply must have a chatbot

  • 24/7 availability: Chatbots always work and never get tired. Being able to count on ever-present and efficient assistance will increase customer satisfaction. 
  • Cost reduction: Automating customer service results in significant savings, both in terms of time and resources. With a chatbot, repetitive answers are automated and operators will be consulted only to provide the customer with answers that the chatbot does not yet know. 
  • Customers are always satisfied: A chatbot is always polite and in a good mood. Moreover, the bots eliminate errors for an ever more precise service.
  • Real-time reports and statistics: AI-powered chatbots have analytics to make real data-driven decisions. This way, you will always know how to improve yourself.

Humable provides revolutionary and automated solutions to build the perfect marriage between the needs of your company and the user experience. 

In the implementation of a chatbot, we are by your side in identifying the appropriate techniques, the language and the tone, to transform a bot into a real personalized virtual assistant.

 Choose an innovative, intelligent and automatic solution. 




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