The main advantages of intelligent process automation

Automazione intelligente

The market can be considered as an obstacle course. All companies start out on par, where what affects the final result is the ability to overcome the obstacles presented. This is why it is important to start well, where a winning initial sprint using RPA (Robotic Process Automation) helps avoid false starts.

Adopting RPA software inevitably involves internal changes, where you need to understand how to manage new applications and redesign processes . It is with this in mind that Humable will be there to provide you with all the support you need to make the most of your company’s potential and ensure that it is competitive in your target market.

What does RPA do and how does it help employees?

RPA refers to all those technologies and processes involved in automating repetitive computer tasks. It is not just about automating business processes or workflow automation, since RPA software mimics and simulates employee actions, especially those that are monotonous. How is this achieved? The answer is by building on pre-established rules and using data models, so replacing manual work and minimizing errors.

RPA improves productivity, enhances business value, and optimizes services such as customer service and customer satisfaction. Contrary to what one might think, intelligent automation is not the enemy of workers nor does it eliminate jobs.

Every day, thousands of employees have to carry out a variety of tedious operations, such as tabbing, searching, copying and pasting. By using the so-called productivity bots, workers are freed from these burdensome and rather boring tasks, being able to focus on their goals and optimize their skills.

As manual and traditional work is entrusted to intelligent automation processes, resources can then be reallocated within the company to exploit and maximize employee capabilities. In the event of peaks in demand or emergency situations, repetitive actions are entrusted to RPA software, so as to have more internal resources available for such activities as the help desk, customer service, and customer support.

How to improve the operational efficiency of a company?

Automazione intelligente

Advanced software is able to capture information from desktops and use intelligence in real time to come to a broad and complete overview of business productivity, where risks can be weighed accordingly.

In practice, it also allows for ascertaining the main difficulties your employees face and consequently identifying the most efficient solutions to solve critical issues. Every day, it is necessary to collect information to track productivity trends, so as to understand whether your business is on the right path or whether changes need to be made.

By comprehending all the intricate details of your business, you are able to act quickly, which makes all the difference, so distinguishing yourself from other companies as you set out along a structured and well-defined path.

What are the advantages of RPA?

Firstly, RPA improves the productivity of employees, who are less overburdened by repetitive tasks. Business operations automate manual processes and become leaner as a result, thus eliminating human error and creating precise workflows.

Intelligent process automation has a positive impact on all other sectors of the company, creating a valuable cycle. Customer service, for example, is more efficient and effective, increasing the overall productivity of the company. As a result, employees can do more in less time and focus on more complex projects.

The same company would also see benefits in economic terms, since it could reduce operating costs and overall costs, thanks to a margin of error practically equivalent to zero.

Examples of Robotic Process Automation in business

We have analyzed the theoretical benefits of RPA and so it is time to look at practical examples, taking as a model real-life situations that frequently arise in companies.

RPA robots are used to pay attention to the customer’s order, checking for duplicate orders and accelerating complex workflows. Order and customer profile data can be extracted from multiple systems and billing and shipping information can be double-checked to avoid any kind of error.

Email processing is another feature that risks taking a great deal of time from workers. The support of RPA robots is therefore required, where these are capable of segmenting thousands of emails into groups and responses; providing faster answers; deleting documents; printing emails; and generating automatic customer reports every week, so as to monitor shopping habits and provide personalized service.

RPA robots are able to collect site data, in order to optimize this, and perform other fundamental actions, such as those of payroll processing and the operational processing of call centers.

If you want to make sure that your working time is as valuable as possible and optimize the resources at your disposal, contact Humable. Our trained and qualified staff is ready to support you and answer your questions to dispel your every doubt.

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