The value of the team in the era of digitization

Il valore del team

The team is the first spark, the differentiating element, the core of every company. It doesn’t matter to what activity or sector a business belongs, the team is the heart of things. It is around the concept of the team that Humable was born, which, as our name clearly shows, is closely linked to the human aspect that must characterize every technological organization that has a high propensity for innovation. 

Indeed, Humable is a combination of human and able, where the latter alludes to ability, as in ability for automation, or ability to automate. It intends to underline how much the human element is crucial for innovation and, hence, for the implementation and management of intelligent automation solutions.

The team according to Humable

valore del team

Humable’s humanity makes particular reference to three categories of people: 

  • Colleagues, who are guaranteed greater and constant motivation with the adoption of innovative work models, such as smart working and horizontal communication, which see the abolition of top-down interaction. Rather, in the case of the latter, everyone is viewed as an equal, and maintaining his or her role, is responsible for particular activities within the project underway. This will provide aggregation, flexibility, reactivity and, in a word, will give strength to the team’s production capacity.
  • The stakeholders, that is, all those who will come into contact with you and will benefit from your work. In this case, Humable will adopt “AGILE” models that favor transparency and sharing of the activities carried out. In addition, this concept highlights the contribution of everyone and will go beyond us and you, welcoming the concept of team, where this is cohesive and aimed at achieving a unique and shared goal. 
  • The personnel directly involved in the implementation of the intelligent solution with whom all information on the changes deriving from automation will be shared and a training adaptation aimed at redefining their duties will be initiated. By adopting this ethical approach, the automaton will also be part of the team as, replacing personnel in the routine, it will allocate such persons to a more stimulating job.

The team to achieve the automation objectives

The team, therefore, to be considered as such, must presuppose: correct assignment and respect of roles, peer-to-peer interaction, unique and shared purposes and maximum cohesion.

In a team of this nature, in the event that a problem occurs during the work that delays or frustrates the achievement of the objective, a culprit will not be sought, because the incident will not be considered an error of the single, but a defect in the innovation process. It is seen, rather, as an opportunity for re-examination for a further fine-tuning of the team and the method. In fact, the sage warns: “do not look for the culprit, find the solution!”.

Team spirit is critical here, which will allow a company to interpret the error as an opportunity for growth and prevent it from blaming a single individual, looking for the answers in the collective.

The role of the team in industry 4.0

Ultimately, a team structured to win will have defined roles, a clear objective, a conscious and perfectible working method and the support of everyone, each in his or her own role, in all circumstances.

It will hence be possible to implement innovative solutions that will ferry us towards the new digital age, but it will also require the capable human element and the maximum cohesion of the group. It is true that digital transformation has the objective, through the intelligent automation of processes, to equip companies with greater efficiency, where the result improves when people are involved in the change. The latter implies change management. Yet, flexibility is also becoming essential, such as new ways of working, including smart working. It is even more true that the engine of all this is motivation, a sense of belonging, recognizing oneself as an integral part of the project, in a word: the team.

We can hence gaze with calm at the new frontier of industry 4.0, because while changing in almost all the modus operandi, the core will remain so, the very engine of the company. Indeed, soft skills and therefore typical human skills are the foundation of it all and not replicable by any artificial intelligence. Thus, in all probability, they will be more emphasized and will constitute the distinctive element of the new industrial revolution. 

Therefore, let’s not be frightened by bots, automata, agents, robots or whatever you want to call them. Instead, let’s try to understand them and appreciate their potential, without forgetting the dictates of the code of ethics in the course of innovation. This way, together we can devote greater value to human work. The digital transformation, therefore, brings with it a real human transformation aimed at enhancing human skills, a distinctive element of any team that wants to have an active role in the time of the new industrial revolution.



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