This is why your company needs artificial intelligence

Intelligenza artificiale

Artificial intelligence has suddenly arrived in our daily lives, as evidenced by the virtual assistants on our phones and in our homes. However, its impact has also been significant in the corporate environment and much of its potential is still unexplored.

Businesses are increasingly turning their gazes towards AI, a technology destined to grow rapidly in coming years. This is also as a result of machine learning, that is the automatic learning of machines that causes work processes to become leaner, faster and ultimately facilitates a superior final product. All this translates into better productivity for the company, which obtains important benefits in terms of cost and time reduction.

As fundamental as it is, integrating artificial intelligence into a company’s processes is not that simple. A mix of technology, human resources and knowledge is needed. To understand how to take advantage of AI and apply it correctly to your company, you can contact us at Humable. We have been operating in this sector for several years and have developed a series of versatile and multifunctional strategies, capable of adapting to any commercial environment for the growth of your company.

How does artificial intelligence work?

Utilizzo dell'Intelligenza Artificiale

Before understanding what the benefits are for companies, it is worth understanding what artificial intelligence is and how it works. It is essentially a technology that simulates the functioning of the human brain. The machines used analyze and solve problems autonomously, succeeding in gradually learning new notions. The ultimate goal is to facilitate human work, making time-consuming tasks faster and easier. The employees of a company are thus freed from boring and repetitive activities, being able to concentrate on the company’s core business and making the most of their skills and abilities.

Artificial intelligence at the service of companies: the main benefits

Artificial intelligence automates those processes that, until recently, were carried out manually and with few resources. It exponentially improves the productivity of a company, guaranteeing perfect scalability of processes.

A key area for companies is represented by big data, that is the enormous flow of data that must be managed correctly to extract important information and elements. Artificial intelligence helps organize and sort all the data collected within the company, identifying the most interesting information to establish future strategies according to the business model.

Contrary to what one might think, AI is not the enemy of workers. If, on the one hand, it eliminates some jobs, now considered obsolete, it is also true that it creates others and, above all, provides employees with useful elements to act as a team and supports them in carrying out certain daily tasks.

Artificial intelligence has also radically changed customer service and the approach to customers, which is personalized according to individual needs. Examples are the perfect chatbot, or robot able to sustain a conversation like any human being. In real time, customers’ questions can be answered accurately, providing them with all the information they need. Customer loyalty and increased productivity are just some of the advantages guaranteed by chatbots and other implementations aimed at customer service.

machine learning, furthermore, has a positive impact on the overall productivity of the company. The machines, after identifying an error, record this autonomously, thus ensuring that it does not occur in the future. Certain mistakes will hence no longer be repeated, saving valuable time and resources.

Uses of AI in companies: some examples

Artificial intelligence is indeed critical in small, medium and large companies, allowing for growth and differentiation from the competition.

In the field of big data, artificial intelligence is able to extract useful information from social networks or from comments made by users on a product. In this way, it is possible to have a complete overview of the progress of your company, understanding, for example, the strengths or weaknesses of a product, or the preferences of your customers.

Similarly, artificial intelligence is an ally for e-commerce businesses, which need to provide specific products according to the needs of customers. By analyzing user behavior, the various e-commerce companies can understand the most popular areas of interest, the preferred payment methods, or the main market trends in a given period.

Finally, an aspect that should not be underestimated in this period of strong digitalization is that artificial intelligence raises a real barrier against attacks by cyber criminals, who can cause considerable damage both in economic terms and in terms of image. The machines, through the use of neural networks and deep learning, perform rapid scans to find any anomalies within company or e-commerce sites.

Do you want to improve the performance of your company with the modern technologies provided by artificial intelligence?

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