Why your business needs a chatbot


Chatbots are no longer the future; they are the present. But why are they used so frequently and why are they so successful?

Indeed, it is certainly because of the great economic savings that companies can count on and the ability to respond quickly and at any time to customer requests. 

Chatbots are special programs that interact with consumers by simulating a human conversation through artificial intelligence. The consumer communicates with a robot, but will experience this as if it were a conversation with a real person.

Find out why your company needs a chatbot.

24/7 availability


Long waits for customer service and being unable to speak to an operator is the stuff of nightmares for many. Anyone who has struggled with these issues when requiring customer support knows the frustration involved. Chatbots solve all this: they always work and never get tired. Being able to count on ever-present and efficient assistance will certainly increase customer satisfaction. 

Reduced costs, added benefits

Managing customer service is very expensive. But, automating the service involves significant savings, both in terms of time and resources. The chatbot automates repetitive responses, resulting in the operator only having to provide the customer with answers that the chatbot does not yet know. 

More satisfied customers

The chatbot always responds with a good attitude and, indeed, is always in a good mood. It is, of course, possible to program a chatbot based on the needs of the company, customers and products. In this way, the service becomes even more specific and tailored, where it is able to meet the needs of your customers more fully.

Up-to-date reports

Professional chatbots use analytics to make real data-driven decisions. This way, you will always have an understanding of how to improve your sales. Examples include KPIs, reports, chat transcripts between customer and operator, and chatbot performance analyses. 

Humable provides revolutionary and automated solutions to build the perfect marriage between the needs of your company and the user experience. Throughout the implementation of a chatbot, we are by your side in identifying the appropriate techniques, including the language and the tone to be used, to transform a bot into a real personalized virtual assistant.

 Choose an innovative, intelligent and automatic solution. 



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